During the summer, honey bees can form swarms and set out to find a new home. They do this as a natural way of increasing their colony numbers.

If you find a swarm of Honey Bees, we may be able to help you safely move it to a more appropriate place.

Swarm collectors in the Penrith/ Eden area:

Go to: – BBKA Website to find your nearest Swarm Collector.

After reading the page about Bees, Wasps and hornets type in your post code to find your nearest swarm collector.

PDBKA swarm collectors are advised not remove established colonies of bees because this activity is not covered by BBKA public liability insurance for registered beekeepers.

Before making a call to a Swarm Collector please check that it is a swarm of honey bees which need to be collected.

Bee Identifcation Chart

Swarm collectors often receive calls requesting the removal of bumble bees which have established colonies in trees, bird boxes or in underground areas. 

Bumble bees do not ‘swarm’ and are rarely aggressive if left undisturbed. These colonies will die out in the autumn.  For advice about moving Bumble Bee nests please click on the BBCT  image.