2021 Calendar Preview

This is a low resolution flipbook overview of the 2021 calendar. Use the control panel below the calendar to view the other pages and increase to full screen view, When it is printed it will be in the usual portrait format. Downloading from the website for printing has been disabled. See below the Calendar for […]

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Queen rearing photos

2020 Calendar

To view the 2020 calendar ckick here

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COVID-19 and Beekeeping

Download the advice sheet here

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CHS winners 2019

Cumbria Honey Show 2019   Congratulations to  Ian Robinson  and Sally Buckley for winning several entries in the honey show and to Alison Andreassen for successfully achieving the BBKA Basic Assessment.

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It’s time to renew your membership for 2020! We will appreciate your efforts to renew early and help reduce our workload on the run up to Christmas. The form to download is on the membership page or you can save postage and paper and fill out the online form. Link to page.

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Asian hornet – Vespa velutina Vespa velutina, is an evil predator,  of the Honey Bee and could reach Cumbria sometime in the very near future. Our changing climate could help it survive the cooler temperatures in the Northwest of England. We need to be aware, on the lookout for it and report it’s location immediately! […]

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Arnia Monitoring Installed

Thanks to the generous grants received from Penrith Town Council, the Penrith Lions Club and Cumbria Beekeepers Association PDBKA has been able to install a Remote Hive Monitoring System which will provide information about two colonies. It consists of a battery powered system of sensors which are placed on the frames inside the hives and […]

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PDBKA thanks Penrith town council and Penrith Lions

PDBKA thanks Penrith Lions for their £150 donation and Penrith Town Council for £990 grant, this will enable PDBKA to purchase the Remote Hive Monitoring System. This will be installed towards the end of July and will be used to collect the data on the health and activities of two colonies of bees . One […]

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Poems by Doreen Edmondson

Three poems about beekeeping are displayed by kind permission of Doreen Edmondson’s daughter. To download poems in pdf format please click here.

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