MAISEMORE APIARIES : Gloucestershire: honey and bee keeping equipment

www.bees-online.co.uk   Tel; 01452 700289

THORNE: Beekeeping equipment appliance dealers and manufacturers : www.thorne.co.uk

Tel: 01673 858555

PAYNE’S SOUTHDOWN BEE FARMS LTD: Beekeeping equipment, bees, wax, honey, books and more


BJ SHERRIFF : suppliers of protective clothing  www.bjsherriff.co.uk Tel: 01872 863304

The following contacts are locally based agents.


South Cumbria Beekeeping Supplies:  Julia and Martin Hoggard, Heather Bank House, Brigsteer, Kendal, Cumbria , LA8 8AH    BeeSupplies @BeeEd.org.uk    Tel: 015395 60869

N.B. Julia is able to arrange a drop and collection point in Kendal for orders from PBKA Members,

Bankhead Bee Supplies:   Mr. John Harris : Bankhead Farm, Newby East, Wetheral, Carlisle, CA4 8R  Tel: 01228 573289

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