Bees produce honey from the nectar which they collect from flowers. It provides them with energy. One ounce will fuel a bee’s flight around the world. It takes 12 worker bees to create one teaspoon of honey. Honey is linked to wound-healing properties and antibacterial action. It has been used in medicine and as a ‘sweetener’ in food and drinks for over 5,000 years.

The following  recipes all use honey as a vital ingredient.  (Local honey can be purchased in Penrith from ‘Fruit and Veg: Rooting 4U’ in Devonshire Arcade & ‘Star Fruits’ in Angel Lane. )

These Buzz Recipes have been created for Penrith Beekeepers by John Crouch, Cumbria’s celebrity chef.

Download/view the Buzz recipes here.

Honey Drops are easy for young children to make and provide a tasty treat:

(N.B. not suitable for those allergic to nuts)

Download/view the Honey Drops recipe here

A wide range of other honey recipes can be downloaded from the British Beekeeping Association web site: