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A Tasty Buzz at Acorn Bank

an enjoyable  summer afternoon for all the family !

Bees of all types play a vital part in the survival of tree and plants and agricultural  production. There are over 20,000 know species of bees globally.

Around 270 species of bee have been recorded in the UK. One of these is the honeybee, as social insect essential for the production of at least a third of all the food we eat. 

You can meet honeybees at Acorn Bank, the National Trust property, near Temple Sowerby (CA10 1SP).  

On Sunday 4th August, Penrith Beekeepers are collaborating with the National Trust to provide an afternoon where visitors can ‘Explore the World of the Honey Bee’, and learn more about ‘Food Production at Acorn Bank:’

  • See wholegrain flour ground at the working watermill on the estate
  • Follow a tour of Acorn Bank’s extensive orchards
  • Visit the raised beds full of produce
  • Sow some ‘Cut & Come Again Salad’ to take home for your kitchen windowsill
  • Taste the fresh produce in the Tea Room!

 From 1.30.p.m. at Penrith Beekeepers’ stall in the Medicinal Herb Garden :

  • Buy local honey and other bee products.
  • Sign up for visits to the apiary. These will be available for small groups on a ‘first come first served’ basis.  You will be able to try on a bee suit, and, for the brave, join the beekeepers as they inspect the bees.
  • Collect the ‘I Spy Bee Friendly Plants Around the Grounds’ activityfor children. Help them to win a prize!
  • Spot the Queen Bee in the observation hive and see what a colony of bees looks like behind glass.
  • Talk to beekeepers : learn about beekeeping  the changes and the challenges

At 2.00.p.m. in the Main House a presentation: ‘Bees in the Garden’ for adults and children.

The property is open from 10.a.m. to 5 p.m.

Normal Admission fees for Acorn Bank apply (free to National Trust Members).