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PDBKA Calendar 2020

The 2020 calendar is available now!

The 2020 PBKA Calendar is now available! 

Thanks to local companies sponsoring each calendar month the revenue raised has covered the costs of the design and the print run of 400 copies.

60  photographs were entered for the photo competition.

Pictures of  the children’s bee friendly flower designs, which were created by the young children at Tebay Primary School and Patterdale Primary Schools during the bee projects this summer,  have been incorporated in the cover.

Stephen Livingstone, the artist and graphic designer who judged the pictures, selected images provided by the following people:

  • Richard Dunkley
  • Rebecca Ivinson
  • Richard Backhouse
  • Alison Andreassen
  • Kirk Harrison
  • Ian Robinson
  • Dan Fawcett
  • Sally Buckley
  • Claire Bland
  • Joan Brasnett
  • Kirkby Stephen Cubs
  • Peter Boardman

Congratulations to the winners!     They will receive their prize soon!

View the calendar here

Order the calendar here

Now we need to sell the calendars!

You can help by:

  • Purchasing copies for yourself, your families and your friends. (They make excellent Xmas presents!) If each one of our members purchased at least one calendar PBKA would raise £500!!   
  • Persuading other people to buy copies.  Please find the low resolution copy attached which can be E mailed to your friends via your electronic networks.
  • Contacting local retailers to see if they would be interested in selling copies (see further information below)

The calendars will be available at PBKA Branch Meetings and other events in which we are involved.

Each calendar costs £5 or 3 for £10.

Calendars can also be purchased directly from Margaret or by Mail order : see attached order form

Sales through local retailers:

If you are able to interest retailers in selling copies we can offer:

  • To supply 10 copies with a complimentary  DISPLAY copy and a small display stand.
  • The retailer can sell them at the single copy price £5 and multi buy offer 3 copies for £10.
  • If they wish, the retailer may retain £1 per calendar sale.

You would be responsible for:

  • obtaining the number of calendars the retailer would like to sell from Margaret.
  • collecting the cash from the sales
  • returning the cash to Margaret with any unsold calendars  by 31st January.

If you provide me with the location of the retail outlet/s involved, then I will circulate the information to members who might be interested in purchasing calendars from them.

We hope you will be able to continue to give this fund raising initiative your support and enjoy using the calendar during 2020