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New Equipment for loan to Members

PDBKA Equipment for Loan 

Dear Member,

By spending the Grants that were issued to us last year, PBKA has been able to purchase additional equipment for members to borrow. These now include the following:

  • A Swienty Steam Wax Melter and generator: this can be used to clean up all wax from frames.
  • A 9 frame electric honey extractor with screens
  • *A memory stick with information and guides to achieving the BBKA Assessments.

These items are in addition to the equipment which we already had available for loan:

  • Two honey extractors : one manual ‘table top’  and one electric stainless steel.
  • A compound microscope : suitable for identifying nosema and pollen.
  • A stereo microscope: suitable for identifying acarine .

These items will be expensive to replace and repair. To ensure that a small sum is being raised to enable us to maintain these resources and to maximise  the numbers of people who will have an opportunity to borrow equipment, the Trustees have decided that the loan system should be updated as follows:

  • A £20 deposit will be required for each item . This will be refunded if the equipment is returned in good condition.
  • A £1 a day hire fee for the first 5 days. This will increase to £2 per day if the loan is exceeds 5 days.

You will be asked to indicate when you intend to return the item when you borrow it and to pay the hire fee at this point.

All the resources for loan are stored at Greystoke Castle.

*You can obtain a copy of the memory stick with the BBKA Assessment by supplying your own pen drive to which it can be copied.  The contents of the BBKA memory stick will be loaded onto the PBKA laptop stored with the other resources.  You will be able to copy it onto your own memory stick from the laptop. There is no fee for this service.

Please contact Marie Maguinness (Tel: 017684 80940) or E mail:   to make the arrangements to borrow items.

You can also use the contact form to reserve the equipment. You can find the form in the main menu under contact; Equipment loans.

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