This includes:

  • £18 PBKA Branch Membership
  • £3 CBKA Membership
  • £19 BBKA Membership
  • £2 Brood Disease Insurance, basic fee

 NEW MEMBERS: an additional administration fee of £5 applies.

You can find further details here.

You can apply on line using the forms below.

FAQs about BBKA INSURANCE  can be found here.

Penrith & District Beekeepers Association is run by its members for the benefits of its members.

There are two levels of membership:

BRANCH ONLY MEMBERS,  who are not necessarily beekeepers but want to find out more about beekeeping through the association’s networks, branch meetings  and training programmes.

FULL MEMBERS who have access to the additional benefits provided by the CUMBRIA BEEKEEPERS ASSOCIATION  (CBKA) and the BRITISH BEEKEEPERS ASSOCIATION (BBKA)


·         Visits to the PDBKA training apiary in the company of experienced beekeepers

·         Networking and mentoring opportunities through a ‘bee buddy scheme’

·         Opportunities to borrow beekeeping equipment

·         Participation in PDBKA training programmes at discounted rates

·         Opportunities to attend talks by interesting speakers

·         Introductory pack for new members

·         Access to insurance schemes provided by BBKA & Brood Diseases     Insurance Ltd (BDI)

·         Opportunities to promote the welfare of bees to the wider community.


·         Annual Honey Show

·         Cumbria Bee Times : bi-monthly newsletter


·         Information and advice on beekeeping

·         On line resources –education /training, forum etc.

·         £10m Third Party Public Liability

·         £10m Products Liability Insurance

·         Monthly Membership Magazine: The BBKA News

·         Beekeeping Examinations to the highest level

·         Representation at a National and International level

·         Annual Spring Convention and Exhibition at Harper Adams University, Newport,   Shropshire.

·         Audio Visual Aids and Slide Libraries

·         Membership Card entitling you to additional benefits.

BROOD DISEASES INSURANCE (through BDI Ltd), covers beekeepers for losses arising from disease.   This insurance is available to members of Beekeeper Associations  which opt in to the scheme. The £2 basic premium is automatically included in the  FULL MEMBERSHIP  fee. The fees/number of hives and rates of compensation for property insured, are indicated on the web site: beediseasesinsurance.co.uk

You can download a printable copy of the Membership form from here to send by post.

Or you can save postage and paper and complete the E-form below.

2021 PDBKA Membership E-form


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