Charity number: 1170487


Penrith Beekeepers Association was first established in 1902.

In 2016 it was registered as Penrith & District Beekeepers Association , a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO).  It will continue to be generally known as ‘Penrith Beekeepers Association’ (PBKA).

It is a branch of the Cumbria Beekeeping Association and is affiliated to the British Beekeepers Association.

Although it welcomes beekeepers from all areas of Cumbria, its members mainly come from Penrith and the communities in and around the Eden Valley.

Penrith Beekeepers Association aims to:

PBKA aims to:

  • preserve the honey bee by promoting the craft of beekeeping.
  • educate the public of the benefit of bees in the environment.

During the winter there is a programme of regular meetings and social events. During the summer most of PBKA’s meetings are held at the Association Training Apiary at Acorn Bank (the National Trust Property at Temple Sowerby just outside Penrith). These meetings give members opportunities to learn more about beekeeping issues and exchange knowledge and news. Occasionally visits are made to members’ hives.

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